Saving 50%-65% on your materials cost adds up to very substantial savings over time

3D Printing: Why Materials Costs Are So Important

3D printing is a very important part of industry needs and a lot of companies, especially in the manufacturing sector, depend on it for prototypes and testing. For a long time, 3D material needs have been largely outsourced by companies and this adds to the cost and time sent in achieving the goal. This is because it takes some time for the outsourced to work on and return the finished products the costs are also higher because of the outsourced charged. A lot of companies and individuals have resorted to buying their own 3D printers to cut down time and costs. .

When most people look into buying a new 3D printer they are only focusing on the immediate cost of buying the hardware. This cost might be huge or small as the case may be but it does not in any way constitute the total amount that will be spent on 3D printing. Apart form the machine, 3D printing is largely about the type, quantity and quality of materials used in printing. The 3D printer would be loaded with materials for it to function and this usually takes a large sum of money which exceeds the cost of the 3D printer itself. The total cost of running a 3D printer as the years go by will be focused on the cost of materials and not the printer itself. Here is a breakdown of the costs of printer vs the cost of printing materials on a Dimension 1200® printer.

As seen in the diagram, material costs usually take up 60% to 90% of the total costs of operating a 3D printer. Using the Dimension 1200 printer as a specimen, the costs for the materials that come recommended with the model will significantly increase your running costs.

There are other materials that can be used instead of the recommended by the Dimension 1200. These will result in lower costs and therefore help to reduce the running costs of your 3D printing. or example, Fotus 400/360mc® materials will make for up to 50% of running costs instead of 60% to 90% from the regular materials. Cutting down your costs by using the Fotus materials will leave you concentrating your efforts and resources on other important parts of running your office and businesses. You can even enjoy lower costs with the Fortus 900mc® materials. This decision will have you using only 35% of your costs on materials.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) materials will not provide you the kind of discount on support and generic material supplies like M2Materials. You can get all needed materials to run your 3D printer effectively from M2Materials at a whooping discount. These materials will save you anything from 25% to 38% on costs of running your 3D printer. Over a longer period of time running your printer, you will discover you have saved a huge and substantial amount in costs from using this offer. Make the most of your business by investing your resources in the right place and saving more for expansion.

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