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ABS Filament 92ci - Fortus 900mc | Fortus 400mc | Fortus 360mc

  • M2 Materials delivers the high-quality prints you expect when you refill your Fortus 900mc/Fortus 400mc/ Fortus 360mc with an M2 spool, indistinguishable from Stratasys® M30 material
  • Comes with a complimentary EEPROM chip specific to your machine-type
  • 40% of the cost of OEM Stratasys® cartridges
  • No machine calibration necessary, a proven drop-in solution with thousands of flawless prints
  • Easy installation with our 3-minute-to-replacement procedure. Detailed videos and instructions available to assist installing your M2 spool into your OEM Stratasys® cartridge

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Developing flawless ABS filament for Stratasys 3D printers, the most dependable printer in its class, undoubtedly requires using the most advanced extrusion techniques in combination with a bulletproof polymer formulation. We did just that, by investing in the latest technology in conjunction with taking the necessary time to develop and commercialize a formula that exceeds expectations.


A consistent product in the 3D printing filament industry is not an optional choice, it is expected. We took the road less traveled to ensure quality, therein, with the incorporation of automation wherever possible. This mitigates risk with respect to quality issues and enables reproducibility across all M2 products. One practical example of this is all production line filament extruders use a piece of equipment called a Continuous Filament Winding Machine (CFWM). This automates winding the filament onto the spool and, more importantly, ensures that all filament on M2 spools are wound free of imperfections, especially when it comes to the infamous and debilitating cross-winding. Cross-winding is where the filament gets physically crossed over and essentially forms a “knot” that will eventually either break the filament or not extrude into the printer due to significantly increased friction. In addition to the implementation of the CFWM’s, on all our extruder lines we use the most advanced 5-axis laser caliber system, thereby ensuring filament precision to the ten thousandths place (the forth digit to the right of the decimal point).


The 3D printing industry is rapidly growing and, therefore, is highly dynamic; we strive to not only meet but exceed the ever-increasing requirements. This is standard practice for M2 Materials, and we believe that to be a unique attribute of any company because we are personally invested in the success of our customers. It is a highly symbiotic relationship, if our customers are productive and successful, well so are we! That is why we devote a massive amount of effort towards optimizing our production for efficiency and reduced waste. Using light weight spools, minimizing over-extrusion waste, and a employing a superior Engineering team to constantly improve our products and respond to the market. This approach has enabled M2 to significantly improve in all areas of its business, especially when it comes to delivering a dependable product.


Instead of specs, we should label parts of the spool pointing out features. I do not want to actually publish numbers for any of the specs listed on the pic. Instead maybe we could point to parts of the spool and label them as the following

  1. Precise: Filament accuracy to the ten thousandths place (0.0001)
  2. Eco Friendly: Reduced over-extrusion production waste and use of recycled cardboard for packaging material
  3. Next Generation ABS: Improved tensile strength and exceptional surface finish
  4. Automation: Filament wound with CFWM’s ensuring perfectly spooled filament
  5. Proper Design: Spool designed for Fortus 900mc, Fortus 400mc, Fortus 360mc

M2 Materials ABS 3D Printer Filament for Stratasys Machines 

You can now enjoy the high-quality 3D printing ABS filament you are accustomed to, at 40% the cost of OEM material. This ABS filament is specifically designed for your Stratasys Fortus 360mc, Fortus 400mc, or Fortus 900mc (not plus) machine and comes with a complimentary EEPROM chip. Our filament is specially formulated as a drop-in replacement for M30, P430, and P400 Stratasys’ material.

M2 spools are easy to install, you can find detailed videos and instructions under the Installation tab. 

We take great pride in our products and our customers; if you are unsatisfied with our product we will give you a full refund. 

Make sure to select the correct machine in order to receive the appropriate EEPROM chip. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Download our Material Safety Data Sheet For ABS Products


Download our Material Safety Data Sheet For HIPS Products

Bulk Prices for Dimension series

Quantity (spools) Price
1 $105
10 $100
100 $95
250 $90
500 $85
1000 $80

 Bulk Prices for Fortus series

Quantity (spools) Price
1 $140
10 $135
100 $115
250 $110
500 $105
1000 $100

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