Dimension 1200es

Dimension 1200es

Experiences your designs coming to life with the Dimension SST 1200es™ and BST 1200es 3D printers. With the largest build size in the Dimension family, the Dimension 1200es 3D Printers have the capacity to create an unlimited variety of functional 3D models. The Dimension 1200es gives you ultimate control over your 3D modeling process, including two different layer thicknesses giving you the choice between fine and fast printing processes. With the powerful Dimension 1200es you and your design team can meet deadlines, improve products, and unleash your creativity.

Nine colors

ABS materials can be printed in up to nine different colors allowing for more variety, but we all know most prints are done like old T.V.'s, in black and white.

Quick and quality 3D printing modes

With simple designs where little or no details are required, you can have very accurate and very fast printing with the Dimension 1200es. The machine can print in 0.013in/0.330mm thickness and 0.010in/0.245mm thickness and can interchange between these two as desired.

Great build volumes

With a build size of 10 x 010 x 12 inches (254 x s54 x 305 mm), the Dimension 1200es can print just the size you require.

How does it work

  • File preparation: after properly preparing the item you want to print using CAD software, you can connect to and give the Dimension 1200es a command to print by clicking on ‘print’. The software coverts the command into 3D model paths which includes the support structures to be followed. The head of the Dimension 1200es© is guided by these structures as the process begins.
  • 3D model printing: using FDM technology, the Dimension 1200es printer to build 3D materials layer by layer form beginning to end. All this is done on a removable base that can be played with
  • Remove supports: after printing is completed, you can remove the 3D model from the build chamber of the Dimension 1200es printer. The support material is soluble, or you can use our HIPS breakaway material, and the model can be popped off the removable base.

production and SKill

Because the Dimension 1200es is fully enclosed, it produces minimal exposure to chemicals and waste. This means you can install the Dimension 1200es almost anywhere, but please use caution because no one is immune to the toxic effects of small particles, that of which all 3D printers make. An added advantage is that, unlike other FDM machines where there is residue to worry about, these machines have minimal waste. Because the Fortus systems are so simple there minimal need for highly specialised skills and an operator can be trained within a few hours to operate the Dimension 1200es

Why use this 3D printer

  • Better communication: • when communicating with your team or colleagues, showing a 3D printed part or example they can see, touch and feel is much better than just trying to explain with words or with diagrams. The Dimension 1200es can turn your ideas into very solid parts that are self explanatory and enables stronger collaborations and a deeper understanding between you and your colleagues. Such models can also be tested if need be. Stable and accurate 3D parts can be built with the Dimension 1200es in ABS plastic and can be used to determine fit, form, and function from many procedures like manufacturing or ergonomics.
  • Functional testing: you can comfortably accomplish functional testing with ABS printed parts from the Dimension 1200es©. Testing with ABS parts will certainly help with feedback ensuring a more refined finished product. You can review many concepts in your office at a much lower cost.
  • Reduce costs: the Dimension 1200es is a workhorse and very cost effective. You would spend a lot of money and time waiting for prototypes if you outsource them to be completed. Having a Dimension 1200es in your office means that you can save cost and time.

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