FDM-Vantage-Rapid-Prototyping-System can be said to be the most versatile system for rapid manufacturing or prototyping. The FDM vantage© allows you to configure multiple levels systems. Moreover it may also grow into a lot of upgrades like increasing the build speed, expanding the size, etc.

It is built with the help of T-class platform. High performance engineering thermoplastics or high temperature are allowed in this platform.

A new version of the Stratasys FDM Vantage©, that is, the Vantage© X allows its users to choose amongst the five modeling materials. That means additional three modelling materials options are available as compared to the FDM-Vantage-Rapid-Prototyping-System.

The Vantage© X can be either of P or A configuration. A, that is ABS and P means Polycarbonate. Both these materials are widely used because of it stability, durability, high accuracy, etc. Configuration A includes ABS, ABSi, and PC-ABS and Configuration P includes PC, PC-ISO, and PC-ABS. That means that the vantage© X can be either order in A configuration or P configuration. The materials that are allowed to be used in the A configuration includes, ABS, ABSi, and PC-ABS and the materials that are allowed to be used in P configuration includes PC, PC-ISO, and PC-ABS.

Besides from ABS plastic and standard polycarbonate (PC), the other options offered by Vintage X includes, PC-ISO, PC-ABS blend and ABSi options. The ABSi is an improvement over its standard counterpart, ABS. the improvement includes, smoothness of surface finishing and fine feature detail. The flexibility of Abs and the strength of PC is combined in PC-ABS. Also, a medical-grade plastic that helps in meeting USP Class VI material requirements and ISO 10993 is PC-ISO.

Moreover, the resolution upgrade for the ABS, ABSi, and PC-ABS that is available in the Vantage© X is quite significant. The resolution settings that are high are of 0.005 inch or “5 mil” (0.127 mm). This gives the users the option of smoothness of surface finishing and amazing feature details in a thermoplastic part.

Some other Specifications include:

  • Build envelope - 14 x 10 x 10 inches that is, (355 x 254 x 254 mm)
  • Modelling materials - Multiple Material System ABS, ABSi and PC-ABS or PC, PC-ABS and PC-ISO
  • Layer thickness
  • ABS - .010 inch (.254 mm)
  • ABSi - .007 inch (.178 mm)
  • PC-ABS - .005 inch (.127 mm)
  • PC - .010 inch (.254 mm)
  • PC-ISO - .007 inch (.178 mm)
  • Material Canisters - One auto load canister with 92 cubic inches (1510 cubic cm) modeling material. One auto load canister with 92 cubic inches (1510 cubic cm) support material.
  • Software - Insight software imports STL files, automatically slices the file and generates the FDM Vantage© extrusion paths and necessary support structures
  • Operating Environment - Maximum room temperature of 85 degrees F (29.3 degrees C). Maximum room dew point of 78 degrees F (25.5 degrees C)

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