Stratasys FDM Titan© is a Rapid Prototyping system. Selecting a right rapid Prototyping system can be challenging task. Moreover the Fused Disposition Technology that is used can make the selection even more challenging.

Stratasys Titan’s© features include:

  • Rapid Prototyping Fused Deposition Modeler
  • Produces 3D models in ABS or polycarbonate materials
  • Build Size:14x16x16in

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping system can help the companies in turning their ideas into products at a faster rate. This enables the 3D printing of your prototypes by using a three-dimensional computer aided design (CAD) data. The rapid Prototyping along with 3D printing can provide a lot of flexibility for the trials that need to be done before getting flawless physical products. Also, this Rapid Prototyping system also helps in reducing the rework that needs to be done by allowing the designers to do more tests thoroughly.

Another advantage is that, the physical models helps the designers to communicate the ideas more elaborately than the computer models.


The 3D printing produces functional Prototyping that provides highly accurate performance testing and that are very realistic.

Apart from concept modelling, the 3D printing provides functional prototyping, that is, it helps in analyzing that how next product will function before production.

Some other benefits of 3D printing include cost effective, Confidentiality, creativity and to a great extent compression of time.


To select the right FDM process, the three areas of consideration are; Operational constraints, physical properties and the intended applications. The FDM titan© is a type of system developed and manufactured by Stratasys. The functional prototypes offered by the FDM includes ABS, polycarbonate, sulfonic and other materials.

  • ABS: Approximately 90% of the prototypes produced in the FDM are of this material. The ABS prototypes available can offer upto 60–80% strength. Also, ABS is a widely used material because of its chemical and thermal resistance.
  • Polycarbonate: The use of this material is rapidly growing because of the additional strength of the material. Because of the greater strength, this material can handle greater loads as compared to the ABS material.
  • Other Materials: Some other materials that are used include, Polyphenylsulfone, a material that offers strength and rigidity because of the chemical and high heat resistance. Another material that is used is the wax, used for casting patterns.

To construct the prototype directly from the CAD date, these thermoplastics are released as semi molten filament that is deposited as a layer above a layer to.

The three FDM systems include FDM MAXUM, FDM TITAN© and FDM PRODIGY PLUS.


In all we can say that Stratasys Titan© gives an exceptional performance at an exceptional value. Moreover it is reliable and produces less waste.

Also, the FDM TITAN© Rapid Prototyping is also used in many other fields like the automotive industry, the medical industry, military, Aerospace, etc. The one thing that is needed to use FDM TITAN© Rapid Prototyping is that the software must be able to create STL file so as to streamline the design process.

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