Dimension Elite


This 3D printer was specifically designed for the keen eye and the products that require exquisite detail. Designing your in house prototypes is a good way to improve the designs and reducing any risks of doing it repeatedly. The Dimension Elite© is designed to produce models with the finest resolution which can print in 9 different colors and the materials used is ABSplus.

The materials are supplied in conveniently enclosed cartridges that are a snap to load and is ideal for printing replicas of functional models such as mobile electronics, precision instruments and medical devices to name just a few.

Print from anywhere

The Dimension Elite© 3D prints operate very quietly and are ideal to have in an office. There is no fear of having any specialized ventilation systems because there are no waste or toxic materials or noxious fumes. You are assured that you will have your models within hours and if you would like to increase the throughput you can easily pack numerous models in the building envelope.


The Dimension Elite© 3D printer uses ABSplus which is 40% stronger the standard ABS thermoplastic and it is almost tough enough to use as production parts. Models such as commercial sprayers have been tested at 60 psi and have a proven customer record.


The size of the models that the Dimension Elite© prints are 203 x 203 x 305 mm (8 x 8 x 12 mm ) and in layers that are .178mm thick. The workstation is compatible with windows XP and Windows Vista.

Printing Method

The common way to print is to use the FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) and is common with the Dimension 3D printers. It means that the model is built from the bottom up and when it is complete the model is already hard and there is no need to cure. Soluble Support Technology has been used in The Dimension Elite© 3D printer which is a method where the supports are dissolved in a water based solution. After that, the models can be painted, drilled, sanded and finished with the surface that you would like.

Overall Performance

The Dimension 3D printer is easy and well-built which produces very high-quality products reliably with a very low failure rate. The models are produced with exceptional precision and at an acceptable rate to create the model that you have designed right in the office.


The Dimension 3D printer is the perfect tool for you to ensure that your product is perfect before you put it on the market. It is a useful tool to use for product development whereby you can produce the product, function test and correct the errors that might exist. This allows you to shorten your research and development time and speeds up the final product to accelerate the time for it to be on the market. The Dimension 3D printer is a perfect tool to bring your ideas to life and offering it to the market growing your business.

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